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Yutong DUAN 段雨彤



电影配乐,吉他演奏。巴塞罗那Music Tree House 音乐文化公司创始人。


于2014年获巴塞罗那大学“音乐作为一门艺术与其他艺术学科间的融会贯通”硕士学位。2015 年获巴塞罗那高等音乐学院学习交响乐作曲电影配乐硕士学位。



从事音乐研究与创作,2015年在斯洛伐克交响国家交响乐团录制为西班牙电影短片Partida创作的的交响乐配乐作品。2014年为美国短片The Last Day 配乐,该片于2015年秋季参加美国短片艺术电影节放映。近期为西班牙艺术影片Tornar配乐,作品将展于CCCB (巴塞罗那当代文化中心).现居巴塞罗那。


Yutong DUAN


Film score,Guitarist. One founder of Music Tree House.


In 2014 she got the the first master degree of " Music as an Interdisciplinary Art" in University Barcelona.In 2015,she got her second master degree of "Soundtrack Composition" in Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.


She has performanced with her band in music shows in Spain, USA and many other international countries. She lives in Barcelona.


She works on the music compose. In 2015, she recorded her opus for one spanish short film Partida with Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 2014, she composed for an American short film The Last Day. It will be played in the film festival. She is composeing a recently opened projects for an art video Tornar, it will be exhibited in CCCB(Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona).


She is living in Barcelona now.


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